St John Fisher College, Bracken Ridge

St John Fisher College, Bracken Ridge is a Catholic secondary girl’s college founded on Mercy traditions in 1981, inspired by St John Fisher’s academic passion and social justice work.
School Founded
Student Numbers
up to 1000
Year Levels
YEAR 7 to YEAR 12
$4,797 - $5,412

St John Fisher Drive
Bracken Ridge

Integral to our College is a layered and culturally diverse community of people who are committed to providing a holistic education that promotes the growth and development of each and every girl. This approach to education means that the students’ spiritual, social, emotional and physical growth are promoted as well as their academic learning. When you peel back the external layers, with its 15 hectares of land, new-look facilities and forward-thinking curriculum that promotes academic rigour, you will find a supportive community of parents, teachers and staff whose common goal is to guide, foster, inspire, enrich and develop our students. Our team of inspirational teachers is central to this, encouraging ‘out of the box’ thinking with new approaches to curriculum to respond to students’ interests and real-world demands. Teachers of STEM subjects who are traditionally thought of as non-creative, constantly look for alternative ways of problem solving, by developing practical and innovative approaches to learning. Many of our teachers have been honoured with Excellence in Teaching Awards as well as Student Choice Awards, the latter perhaps the greatest endorsement. We promote academic excellence both in the classroom and via our many curriculum-focused clubs, such as the Science Club, Studio 27, Greedy Readers, Scribblers and Homework Club. Our students consistently achieve well above the State average in NAPLAN and Year 12 results. The College offers an extensive sporting and co-curricular program as well as many cultural clubs, where students of all abilities are encouraged to participate. Many of our students go on to compete in the sporting, cultural and business world at very high levels.

The task of educating girls for the future is a serious one, and as such the College invests considerable time and effort in this endeavour. We see the development of real-world skills as a priority across all curriculum areas of study. The College's new Learning Enhancement program - LEAP, provides an opportunity for invited students, in Years 7-9, to extend upon the development of skills learnt within the classroom, by challenging and expanding their outlook and building on their naturally inquisitive minds. LEAP is designed to extend students’ thinking, develop their problem-solving ability and challenge them with material that is new, complex, and interesting. Set to commence in 2019, is the College’s Language Immersion Program, a response to extensive research that shows studying a second language reaps academic reward. The positive outcomes of language immersion are extensive, including improved cognitive development, literacy and academic performance, all while increasing cultural awareness and global opportunities.

Our comprehensive curriculum ensures each student can flourish in an environment that is dedicated to the development of the whole person.

Through an innovative approach to the traditional curriculum we provide a thorough foundation in the fundamentals while assisting all students to make connections across subject areas.

Subjects from Year 7 to 12 are diverse, stimulating and rigorous. It builds upon the achievements of students as they move through the College, widening their choices dramatically.

Senior students are able to choose from a comprehensive list of Authority subjects and Authority Registered subjects, combining these with VET programs should they choose.

St John Fisher College sets a high standard across all subject fields, we deliver the key learning areas (KLAs) plus a variety of additional subjects that are available for all students. Teachers are committed and focused specialists in their field and are trained to deliver the best possible learning outcomes.

Performing Arts
Religion / Faith
Co-Curricular Activities
Creative Arts
Student Health and Wellbeing
Gifted and Talented
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Outdoor MultiPurpose Sporting Courts
Sporting Oval
Basketball Stadium
Athletics Track
Performing Arts Centre

21 May 3:30-6:30pm Twilight Viewing.

18th September 9:30am Principal’s Morning Tea & Meet & Greet 6:30pm