Eltham College

ELTHAM College is an academic school like no other. We’re constantly adapting to the changing needs of young people and their world.
School Founded
Student Numbers
up to 1000
Independent, Non-Denominational
Year Levels
ELC to YEAR 12
$12,180 - $26,772

1660 Main Road

ELTHAM College grows the heart and mind of each child. We believe school is a daring adventure where children learn to think for themselves in preparation for a future of exciting possibilities. Schools are constantly juggling the needs of a conventional classroom and the demands of an ever changing, connected world.

At ELTHAM College we are committed to providing experiences that respond to the intellectual and personal diversity of our students while creating spaces and opportunities for collaborative learning. Our young people are encouraged to see life as a chance for unlimited learning, while we have the privilege of helping to grow the hearts and minds of the next generation.

We’re constantly adapting to the changing needs of young people and their world. We support them on their learning journey to unlock their talents through one of Victoria’s broadest curriculums. Most importantly, our teachers guide each young person to become empowered with the self-confidence and independence to manage all aspects of their future lives. We aim for our graduates to step into life after school as proactive young people, equipped with the skills and desire to continue successful learning.

At ELTHAM we aim to ensure that our young people can relate to their world, understand their effect on it and use their creativity to help shape it in positive ways. We ensure that young people are nurtured, can aim high in life, continue learning, form successful relationships, juggle the demands of life, achieve independence and greet opportunities with confidence.

Located in an extraordinary environment students experience an engaging, rigorous, world ready curriculum while being supported with warmth care and respect.

At ELTHAM College we inspire!

We pride ourselves on a vast curriculum across all year levels. Specially designed programs have been developed to ensure that each young person at ELTHAM has the opportunity to explore and enhance their talents. Teachers work with students to tailor a learning program to suit their needs, abilities, passions and aspirations.

Our Senior Years program is dedicated to guiding young men and women to graduate as mature adults – confident of their abilities and well prepared for the demands and excitement of the next stage in their lives.

Performing Arts
Debating / Public Speaking
Co-Curricular Activities
International Exchange
Creative Arts
Student Health and Wellbeing
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Tennis Courts
Outdoor MultiPurpose Sporting Courts
Heated Swimming Pool
Trade Training Centre
Sporting Oval
Basketball Stadium
Athletics Track
Performing Arts Centre

ELTHAM College prides itself on being a destination for exceptional students who will thrive within an environment of unlimited learning.
We welcome scholarship applications from students who believe they will make a positive contribution to our learning culture and school community, demonstrating outstanding commitment, achievement and potential in academic, music and co-curricular fields of endeavour.
ELTHAM College defines all scholarships as General Excellence. While applicants will exhibit excellence in at least one field of endeavour, it is also expected that they will exhibit general excellence in all qualities and character. This forms the award of General Excellence Scholarship (in the related field of endeavour).
ELTHAM offers the following scholarships and awards to new and existing students:
General Excellence (Academic),
General Excellence (Co-curricular) and
General Excellence (Music) Internal Awards.

One of our ELTHAM In Action tours is the perfect introduction to ELTHAM College. Experience an ELTHAM In Action tour during a typical school day and you’ll see just how different education can be. Be guided through a new way of learning, drop in on a class or two and get to know students and staff along the way. You’ll soon see why so many parents say ‘ELTHAM just feels right’.

During the tour, a senior staff member will be happy to discuss how ELTHAM can help to unlock your child’s individual talents. And an ELTHAM student joins each tour to give you further insight and to answer any questions you may have.

You’ll also receive an ELTHAM Information Pack which includes our prospectus, our most recent yearbook, an application form, a schedule of fees, and transport and out of hours care information, plus a gift voucher which can be used at our Hospitality Training Centre, Swipers Gully.

We also invite parents and prospective students to attend our annual Open Day. Our Open Days are designed to be informative, interactive and entertaining for both our young visitors and their parents. Our staff and students are eager to show off ELTHAM’s learning philosophy, values and practices so you can see firsthand what a truly exceptional education looks like.

You will see for yourself how our world class teachers deliver engaging programs which will meet the needs of your children and your family. You will have the chance to wander through our learning environments and chat with our students, parents and staff.

For all tour dates please go to our website: